Let me show you. Being you don’t have to believe anything, Andything.

I’ll wake from sleep or come out of a deep meditation and a sort of “reality” starts slipping into place. End of Now has been dedicated to exposing and dismantling the invisible architecture, but there comes a time…a time of words and tools and culture. Both purpose and presumption have structure. Even the Void has playmates.

End of Now will soon cease as a site. What will form in it’s place will be

Art of metaphor is Metaphart

We came here to dance, fall into trance, float in the water and indulge in hand crafts. Sing with me, the lyrics are what we see. These songs will map our way. Music helps darkness see. We’ll find a bind in forcing rhyme, while moving back and forth in

eye end 023time. Let the beaten bring the beats, And beasts crawl in the streets. I am clay and rags and thoughts from belly brain. The End of Now begins again.

Bathing in Paradox

cropped-Self-vectors.pngIt begins and ends here. Pieces outside of time as it is and no time.

Walk blindfolded in a large room that might be furnished in a million different ways, but you can hear the air to judge space.  This is where stories overlap stillness.

Maybe this time some new clue will be revealed:  a hidden longing,  a detail about clothing, the layout of the house, anything to give the sprawling impressions more context. Her voice, that tune, the everlasting dance of each day. At least go out and say Hello.



About the About

The websites author takes the voice of knowing from a pan dimensional state of being. A loose syntax mimics dance. Likely, it is stream of consciousness, but as lightly as that goes, there is a deadly serious concern with global well being, and ideals that transcend the worldly. End of Now takes the human condition beyond time and space and furthermore presumes energy, including belief and intention, as the basis of reality.

“Choosing paradox, because of time-mind expanding.  Here, the blessing. Hear and Her the giving. The mind remade is playful, open and knows. Until faith wavers and we fall towards a didactic flat world.

Thus the author commits to clarity and a healthy skepticism towards stories about what makes us good or bad. We do not know what we are. There are clues in the way we hear each other grasping at a shared truth. The love and generosity in those dialogues amounts to a thin thread of light that I will gently tug at pulling this circus forward.

It begins and ends in absurdity

Zero and anything less than zero hasn’t much value unless you’re ready to begin. A clean slate, no promises, no regrets, pure witness, a flower always blooming. Web that extends beyond our seeing. A cloud with texture until we try to hold it. There’s a tenuous intuition to this. No rules apart from the boundaries of a screen or a skull, because within that…endless complexity and possibility. So zero is the return and the center.  I won’t proclaim now or now….or now. we’re letting go of that hope. There is no now as everything is now and we’ll go beyond now. Thus, we are ready to begin.

Crafting Life and Consciousness